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Exercises and Advice

One Note A Week Exercise from the Anatomy of Sound DVD

Here is the "ONE NOTE A WEEK EXERCISE" Even if you are not a flutist, the intent of the exercise remains. We can always listen more carefully to what we are doing. When I was 14, my teacher Deborah Carter Smith introduced me to listening - to … [Read More...]

TECHNICAL TROUBLE? 20 ways to cure fingering challenges

This post on Instagram & Facebook generated so much interest that I was compelled to find more ways through my "flute family" to help others through those tough technical phrases. You know the ones? The ones that make you want to throw your … [Read More...]

IT’S ALL THERE: Reading Between the Lines

Published on April 6, 2015 by The Flute View Online Magazine IT’S ALL THERE: Reading between the Lines A guide to my thoughts on interpretation A question posed to my teaching website porterflute.com asked, “how do I narrow down goals when it … [Read More...]

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Upcoming events

Anatomy of Sound June 3-6, 2017

We’re celebrating our 15th Anniversary!  And this … [Read More...]

Porter / Haynes Flutes Tour in WA

Join Amy Porter with Katy Dorrien from Haynes … [Read More...]

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Texas Flute Association Newsletter Interview

How did you choose the flute? I grew up playing piano because my … [Read More...]

Rochester Flute Club Newsletter Interview

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Bonnie Blanchard’s News Oct. 2012

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