New York Flute Club Newsletter Interview

Read the original version of this interview in the New York Flute Club Newsletter When I was a master’s student at Juilliard in the early ’80s I received a phone call from my former teacher, Deborah Carter, who raved about a star student and asked if this student, Amy Porter, could please stay with me for […]

Texas Flute Association Newsletter Interview

How did you choose the flute? I grew up playing piano because my father was a part-time piano teacher. I was nine years old and my father suggested I look into another instrument. Finally, I saw a flute being played up close. All the nerves in my fingers began to tingle. I had to try […]

Rochester Flute Club Newsletter Interview

How did it come about that you began to study flute? I sang before I spoke, so they all say! Then, I played the piano. My father was an amateur pianist, and worked for the DuPont Co in Wilmington, Delaware. The flute was introduced to me during an in-school demonstration. I looked at the flute […]

Bonnie Blanchard’s News Oct. 2012

Dear Bonnie, At our studio retreat this year, one of our coaches showed the students a video of flutist Amy Porter performing. I was completely awed by her stage presence, musicality, tone, and the way she connected to the audience. But at the same time, I wondered: Why the heck can’t we do that? What’s […]