How to Practice

HAVE MINDFUL PRACTICE. Your goals are FOR WHOM? and WHY? The purpose of your practice is to MAINTAIN, GROW and HAVE FUN! (Baxtresser) Accept your process of learning, don’t fight it. Don’t bring emotion into it and especially DON’T PANIC. You can’t escape the agony of working through the hard times. FORGIVE BUT DON’T AVOID.   […]

A Flutist’s Focus Sheet

From Amy Porter ~ A FLUTIST’S FOCUS SHEET Personal, Musical and Artistic Goals   You can improve if you set small goals for yourself and listen with focus as you reach them.  Below, list your most needed improvement issues within each area. It includes a list for musicians who inspire you. Be as specific as […]

Continuing Education

1. Marcel Tabuteau’s lessons and the lessons in phrasing a. 3 basic ways of phrasing (upward intervals, downward intervals and 1/2 and whole steps) b. the number system of tone colors c. Inflections of ups and down 2. Beginning and ending pieces as part of your musical expression a. Breathing in character b. creating the […]

A review of the Practice Routine

By blogger Joanne Kathleen of Composed Dynamic, Mar 21, 2011 A few weeks ago, I had a lesson with Amy Porter while she was in the area for the Louisiana Flute Festival. Since then, I’ve been trying to use her 4 hour practice session routine every time I practice. I had read about it before, […]

Advice on recording yourself

Dave Schall’s advice on making a good audition recording. by Dave Schall 1. This is the big one….and it should be in place as a regular practice for all of your playing. Record yourself daily. I recommend recording whatever you are working on (including scales, long tones, and etudes) at the end of you r […]