Full Circle – My Appointment at Brevard

I began to worry.  I was hearing Jason Posnock invite me to become Principal Flute of the Brevard Music Center over the phone. But the first thing that came to mind as I was listening to this dream offer was that, when I attended as a young teenager in 1979 and 1980,  I had “toilet papered […]


I made up a word … RES-NO-LUTIONS. It’s about the timing in resolving our musical challenges . It’s describing the thought process whereby I think I need to resolutely resolve something, now on January 1st… and then whereby, I choose to not overthink it. I simply TRUST that I can resolve it without resolute timing involved (re-solve). I […]

The Gaubert Cycle: A Study Guide with Amy Porter (2017)

  Begin with Romance (1905) Amy Porter is releasing this project as 16 individual video downloads. Each will correspond to a chapter of the physical DVD, which will be released separately in September. The edition “Treasures of Gaubert” will also be released in the fall of 2017. CHAPTER 01: Romance (1905) from Philippe Gaubert: The […]

One Note A Week Exercise from the Anatomy of Sound DVD

Here is the “ONE NOTE A WEEK EXERCISE” Even if you are not a flutist, the intent of the exercise remains. We can always listen more carefully to what we are doing. When I was 14, my teacher Deborah Carter Smith introduced me to listening – to myself. Carefully. On one note a week. This […]

TECHNICAL TROUBLE? 20 ways to cure fingering challenges

This post on Instagram & Facebook generated so much interest that I was compelled to find more ways through my “flute family” to help others through those tough technical phrases. You know the ones? The ones that make you want to throw your flute against the wall? 🙂 Well, if you keep play wrong notes, you’re unfamiliar […]

IT’S ALL THERE: Reading Between the Lines

Published on April 6, 2015 by The Flute View Online Magazine IT’S ALL THERE: Reading between the Lines A guide to my thoughts on interpretation A question posed to my teaching website porterflute.com asked, “how do I narrow down goals when it comes to things like tone or phrasing” and “how can I create specific […]

A Designer’s Music – “Wallpaper Etudes”

Etudes and Exercises as patterns- in any color and any size – close up or far away                                                               Leduc Editions of Moyse Etudes Since I […]

The Anatomy of Sound DVD

Welcome to the classroom of a flutist, something that, if described by my some of my students, could be similar to basic training for the US Army. Recently, a doctor told me that Med School was the easier choice in college than being a music major. Let me also welcome you to a prescribed research […]

Wanting, Waiting, Dreaming

Wanting, dreaming and practicing are great and wonderful aspects of a flutist’s life. However, the aspects of listening, learning, and of opening up to new levels of awareness are equally as important. Practice intelligently and mindfully. Record your practicing and lessons to understand what it is you might not be hearing in your playing. Listen […]


Please treat your lessons with respect and seriousness, both for you and your teacher. This seriousness should reflect why you are there, whether as a performance major, minor or in music education or in high school. This means dressing appropriately for lessons, studio class, recitals and concerts; in a way that shows your level of […]