Full Circle – My Appointment at Brevard

I began to worry.  I was hearing Jason Posnock invite me to become Principal Flute of the Brevard Music Center over the phone. But the first thing that came to mind as I was listening to this dream offer was that, when I attended as a young teenager in 1979 and 1980,  I had “toilet papered cabins.”  Twice.

This meant finding as much TP as possible and decorating the rafters of students’ cabins. I was nervous about it so I immediately confessed to Jason. It was a relief to hear him burst into laughter and confess to me that he loved the fact I was an alum with a story. And I have a few since it was such a long time ago.

The blessing of perspective is prevalent to my story because I have attended Brevard in just about every way. I was a student, a guest teacher and now the Principal teacher.

One story as a student – I was constantly asked if I was a Christian, so much so that I had to call home and ask. “Mom, when other girls ask ‘Are you a Christian?’, what do I say?” She answered “Just say yes.” So I did and all was well. I was 14. I was eventually baptized at age 32.

Someone taught me how to add eye liner to my face and makeup was put on me for the first time. I played big time orchestra music beyond the Youth Orchestra of Greater Philadelphia. I heard Bernadette Peters sing Sondheim live up close. I heard Bluegrass for the first time.  I studied with Eric Hoover and learned to have efficient technique and watch a man work with extreme humility. I heard trombone choirs at night. I tried eating hominy…

My teacher Ginny Atherton had urged me to go and I did. I met so many people I now can say “made it” by being themselves and being inspired when they were young.

I will add some photos as I go along on this blog about Brevard and give you many reasons to “Be Inspired.”

Here I am with friends and my dad. My mum took these photos. 1980.


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