I made up a word … RES-NO-LUTIONS. It’s about the timing in resolving our musical challenges .

It’s describing the thought process whereby I think I need to resolutely resolve something, now on January 1st… and then whereby, I choose to not overthink it. I simply TRUST that I can resolve it without resolute timing involved (re-solve). I use intention and action over the course of however long it takes.

Another way to look at it is by thinking thoughts like these:

I’m know I am inherently good.

I know I can do anything I put my mind to.

I don’t need to be different and change on the first of the year.

I can just evolve. Grow. Blossom. Play better, look better, act better, love better.

We are all following our own personal alchemist message.  I know I will choose my musical path for 2018 through the best of intentions, without resolutions. Resolutions limit me. Intentions free me.

I charge all of you friends to stay the course of your musical intentions.

  1. Intention is our friend. Keep the fire of intention lit and the flame will call you to action, in playing and in your career path.
  2. Action is our friend. It begins our journey, serving as catalyst of all energy – action follows our faith.
  3. Faith is our rock, a belief that our destiny is in the music itself, and lives in our trust.
  4. Trust is in our talent, that we can collaborate musically, accept and trust in our musical destiny.
  5. Our musical destiny, my friends, is in the hands of both we as teachers and our future students. These pyramids are built to last.

May 2018 be our best step forward to blossoming as artists and cheers to perpetuating music throughout the world as our way to re-solve our musical destiny. Go be great.

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