A Designer’s Music – “Wallpaper Etudes”

Etudes and Exercises as patterns- in any color and any size – close up or far away


                                                              Leduc Editions of Moyse EtudesIMG_0326

Since I was a young flute student and was aware that exercises like this existed, I have always called them “wallpaper etudes.” I tried approaching Marcel Moyse’s books with integrity, only to find out later that I suffered from boredom.


They were good for me, but they hurt my brain, lips and hands and, after awhile, I was too young to know better, and the excuses continued – for years.  But 20 years later, I inherited a mass collection of them from my friend, flutist Glennis Stout, and thought of finally reproducing them as wallpaper for my guest bathroom. I went to plan it out in design, only to realize I could not… for they were too valuable on the music stand

These were my past AND my future. It is my students who need them and I can use some of them, and only in part, as efficient teaching tools without cramming the entire oevre into my curriculum. So instead of creating my “etude bathroom” – with this album, I ask my designer-genius friends to take these images and use them as inspriation. All editions are Leduc, all composed by Marcel Moyse and come in all shapes and sizes of paper editions. These are my iPhone shots of the old yellowing oversized editions and they aren’t great but you can see what the patterns look like and how you might consider them as a creative stepping stone for your own pattern.


Finally, flutists, I hope you enjoy my interpretations in the titles, taken from knowing the sound and then pairing it with a “look”.














Thank you for using music as art.

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