How to Practice

Amy PorterHAVE MINDFUL PRACTICE. Your goals are FOR WHOM? and WHY?

The purpose of your practice is to MAINTAIN, GROW and HAVE FUN! (Baxtresser)

Accept your process of learning, don’t fight it. Don’t bring emotion into it and especially DON’T PANIC.

You can’t escape the agony of working through the hard times. FORGIVE BUT DON’T AVOID.


I. Warmup (your free time) Scales, tone study, melodies transposed

II. Scales and Technical Exercises (1/4 of your time)

III. Etudes

IV. Solo repertoire

V. Orchestral Excerpts

VI. School Ensemble assignments


Do 40-50 minutes and take a 10 minute break to avoid fatigue and injury. You can fill four hours easily with these 5-6 steps. (Porter)

20 Tone

30 Technique

10 Break

30 Etude

20 Piece #1

10 Break

30 Piece #1

20 Piece #2 or Excerpts

10 break

30 Piece #2 or Excerpts

20 Troubleshooting hard spots, research, listening

(Baxtresser) Break down the barrier of testing. The moment of analysis is inbetween the efforts. Rest! Avoid mindless repetition.

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